USS Europa


Welcome to the USS Europa!

Following the destruction of Utopia Planitia and the burning of Mars in 2385, Starfleet's brief postbellum return to long-distance exploratory missions was put on hold. Instead of reaching outwards to strange new worlds, the Federation pulled in on itself to safeguard its own enormous borders and so Starfleet was put on a largely defensive posture. This all changed in 2399, however, when the Fourth Fleet was given the mandate to spearhead a renewed focus on Starfleet's core purpose: exploration.

The Europa is one of the original twelve Luna-class vessels ordered by Starfleet following the Dominion War. This class was designed to be a 24th century equivalent to the venerated Constitution-class, a heavy cruiser capable of truly independent years-long missions. She was first commissioned in 2380 and had an extremely successful five-year mission in the Gamma Quadrant, but then was reassigned to diplomatic duties in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants along with the bulk of the exploratory fleet in the late 2380s.

Now, in 2399 under a new captain, the Europa is ready to set off on her next five-year mission into the unknown!

As a roleplaying group within Bravo Fleet, the Europa consists of several members who each control the actions of one or more characters. Together, the members write out the actions of their characters during the adventures of the Europa, based on a premise set by the group manager, who is akin to a dungeon master in a table-top game. Whether you're an old hand at this hobby or just love Star Trek, we'd love to have you join us, so peruse the site, check out our writing, and consider sending in an application!